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Digi-click Torque Wrench suppliers
1/2-in. drive. digi-click torque wrench has an LCD back-lit screen, creating easy readability even in dark conditions. 1/2-in. drive. digi-click torque wrench can easily tighten various automotive bolts, such as crankshaft bolts, cylinder heads, engine-mountings and so on. Besides reversible ratchet head, tear-shape and both directions ratchet head are available.
Feature and Advantage
● The increment is 0.1 of unit.
● Accuracy is ± 4% of reading the value in clockwise.
● Displayed from lowest torque value (10% of full scale).
● Different torque units can be switched: N.m, Lb.ft, Lb.in, kg.cm.
● Click feature makes the right torque clear and easy to read.
● DCM type is for the reversible ratchet head, CW & CCW operation, swing space of 8 °.
Item No.Square DriveTorque RangeIncrementLengthWidthWeight
Item No.Square DriveTorque RangeIncrementLengthWidthWeight
Item No.Square DriveTorque RangeIncrementLengthWidthWeight
1/2-in. drive. digi-click torque wrench is widely used for small engine repairs, such as motorcycles, brakes, four-wheelers, and so on.
12-month warranty
1, What is the DCML model?
DCML / DCL model: Tear-shape and both directions ratchet head.
2, Can you ship 1/2-in. drive. digi-click torque wrench with batteries?
Yes, but in premise of sea transportation.
3, How to adjust the torque of 1/2-in. drive. digi-click torque wrench?Digi-click Torque Wrench suppliers
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